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Who are Leyhay

Leyhay Limited is an independently owned company that has grown steadily since 2007. Through successful project delivery and continued customer focus we have enjoyed over 5 successful years.

The Beginning

Leyhay Limited, although formed recently, brought together multiple online companies, along with the major factor of it's website design company, RB Websites.

The Future

As a group of businesses, we are forever expanding. We are always looking for new opportunities, be it Products, Designs, Partners or Advertising on one of our many websites. If any of this interests you, contact us.

The Leyhay Family

Welcome to Leyhay

Forever expanding, if you see an opening to work with us then get in touch.
We are always looking for new ideas to help ourselves growing and ways we can help you, as a company, grow.
If you have a product line you think we may be interested in, get in touch.
We are always looking for businesses to advertise, contact us for information on how we can help one another.
Do you design? then contact our web design company, RB Websites, and we may be able to partner and assist your needs.
All the best
Leyhay Limited

RB Websites

Awesome Designs and Services.
Professional website designs delivering results.
Websites and eCommerce stores built for your needs.
Supporting you as your business grows.

RB Websites

UK Internet Shop

Bringing together al online and high street shops under one roof.

UK Internet Shop

Top Site Bingo

All the UK online Bingo sites.
Delivering all the deals and promotions.

Top Site Bingo

The UK Casino offers

A site bringing together all the UK's promotions for the top online casinos.

UK Casino Offers

Free Photo Prints

Need some photos printing, but would like them done for FREE, then this is the site for you.
Loads of offers from the UK's top photo printing services companies.

Free Photo Prints

UK Online Betting Shops

The top UK betting shops online.
All the offers and promotions.

UK Betting Shops

Win Big Money

A website with alternative online games allowing you the chance to win big money and prizes.

Win Big Money

make Money gambling

A website showing a plan devised to make moeny gambling.
The plan has been devised so that there is no risk to the player and they will always make money, the skys the limit with possible winnings.

Make money gambling


UK Based, Delivering Services to the World

We are a UK based company, predominantly servicing the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU), but we are not restricted and therefore provide global services.

The Social

Follow, Like and interact with the Leyhay companies.

Richard Bateman

Founder of RB Websites and Director of Leyhay Ltd.

RB Websites

Stay in touch for the latest design promotions

UK Internet Shop

Follow for all the latest deals from high street and online shops.

Partner, Advertise, Vacancies


We are always looking for businesses that would like to partner with a design company such as RB Websites. Are you missing out on profit because you can't offer certain services. Get in touch with ourselves or RB Websites and we can discuss what we can do for one another.

Advertise with us

We have many opportunities on our many websites for you to advise your company or product line. Contact us to see what we can do together.

Job Vacancies

Currently, we don't have any full time vacancies. RB Websites are always looking for designers or similar that have an abundance of work that they may consider sub-contracting. If so, let them know.

Contact us

If you would like to get in touch with us for any of the services mentioned on this website, fire away!

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